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Start a healthy lifestyle months before the summer season rolls around so you can fit into that little bikini in no time. Regular exercise and a specially configured diet can help you achieve your goal of shedding off those excess pounds and flabs while keeping your body systems up and running. Here are just a few reminders that can help you get fit and ready to wear that micro bikini in the summer months ahead.

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A sure way to burn those excess pounds away is to engage in more forms of physical activity. Exercises that target specific areas of your body can help you achieve that ideal shape, size, and weight through regular practice. Devote some time each day or at least a few times a week to do crunches, push ups, lunges, and other exercises to sculpt and tone your abs, arms, and thighs. However, for a faster burn if you do not have time to do those special exercises, do some cardio workouts that pump up your heart rate and metabolism. Do laps in the pool, jog or run, ride your bike or even walk to the store, and just walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. These activities, if done regularly, can help keep you fit, fab, and ready for the beach while wearing your favorite bandeau swimsuit in no time. Nothing beats working up a sweat to feel energized as well.


Working out regularly goes hand-in-hand with eating a specialized diet if you want to sculpt and shape your body for the summer months. There are a variety of fad diet plans that claim to help people lose weight fast. While some do work, there are those that may cause more harm to one’s health. One of the popular ones that many people have found sufficient for shedding off the pounds and keeping fit is the Okinawan diet, stemming from the habits of the Okinawan people from Ryukyu, Japan. Okinawans have purportedly lived the longest thanks to their eating habits that consists mainly of green and yellow vegetables, fish, and soy. Though it may sound like typical Japanese eating habits, Okinawans consume lesser amounts of fish and meat and virtually no milk or egg products at all. They compensate for it by eating more vegetables. Their no-calorie and full on nutrients eating habits have been adapted by people who want to drop off the excess kilos, feel lighter and leaner, and live longer.